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Thousands of individuals in Southern California who are elderly, or who have on-going physical limitations, or who become disabled due to illness or injury, have limited or no access to the wheelchairs, walkers, or other durable medical equipment that they need to assist in their daily living, their recovery from illness or injury, or to cope with on-going or recurring physical limitations due to limited financial or insurance resources.

The gift of a wheelchair can make the difference between being a prisoner in the home and being able to participate in activities with family and friends.

The Durable Medical Equipment Aid Society (The DME) is a locally based, non-profit organization that supports and promotes the re-use of gently used durable medical equipment and makes that equipment available, free of charge, to these individuals.



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Mission & Services

The DME collects, through donations, gently used, re-usable in-home durable medical equipment from individual donors, medical clinics, hospitals, etc., to meet the needs of individuals residing in Los Angeles County and Ventura County who have limited financial resources and/or who are un-insured or under-insured.

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The Durable Medical Equipment Society is a “grassroots” organization! The co-founders began The DME using personal funds and monetary donations from generous family and friends. If you would like to help your community and support the mission of The DME, please consider a monetary donation to The DME.


The DME is a member of The California Assistive Technology Reuse Coalition (CATRC) ( which supports organizations that accept and give out or loan assistive technology (AT) and durable medical equipment (DME) to people in their communities for free or at low cost.