Our History

The Durable Medical Equipment Aid Society

In March 2010 three retired Los Angeles County – Department of Health Services employees came together to discuss how to make available mobility and bath care durable medical equipment to individuals recovering from an illness or injury and were either uninsured or their insurance did not cover the needed equipment. The trio made the decision to create a non-profit organization that would solicit and accept donations of re-usable mobility and bath care durable medical equipment from individuals, medical clinics, long-term care facilities and others. In July 2010 The Durable Medical Equipment Aid Society (The DME) was incorporated and in October 2010 was approved as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service.

In July 2014, after 4 years of service dedicated to establishing and growing The DME, two of the co-founders retired.

In 2015, The DME expanded its scope of services to include residents of Ventura County.

The DME collaborates with other non-profit organizations, community organizations, caregiver organizations, as well as community medical groups, clinics and hospitals to provide our mobility and bath care durable medical equipment to those in need who lack financial or insurance resources.

What We Do

The DME collects, through donations, gently used, re-usable or new mobility (wheelchairs, walkers) and bath care (bath and shower benches/chairs) durable medical equipment.  We do NOT accept hospital beds, power wheelchairs, or scooters.
The equipment is inspected, cleaned and inventoried. It is housed in our warehouse until it is given to an individual in need of a specific mobility or bath care piece of equipment.
Through an ongoing outreach program, our services are advertised to other non-profit organizations, community service organizations as well as hospitals and community health care organizations.

In most cases, The DME picks up all donated equipment.  To offset the operating costs associated with maintaining a donation pick up program, we suggest a monetary donation of $25.