Make A Donation

The Durable Medical Equipment Society (The DME) is a “grassroots” organization! It is the only nonprofit serving the residents of the Greater Los Angeles area, as well as Ventura County, and one of only two such organizations in Los Angeles County.

The founders began The DME using personal funds and monetary donations from generous family and friends. For those family and friends who donated to our mission when we first started, we want you to know that we truly appreciate your faith in us and thank you for your donation. Please consider donating to us on an annual basis.

We have been fortunate that many people found us on Facebook and the Internet and thus we quickly received donations of gently-used durable medical equipment from many individuals living in the communities we serve who want to assist us in helping those who are not able to obtain durable medical equipment because they lack financial or medical insurance resources. We thank all of our donors for donating to The DME.

We are a self-funded organization (that is, we do not receive grant funding) and our staff includes many volunteers. We do not charge for the use of our equipment. However, we appreciate any monetary donation you are able to make. To be able to provide our services we need your help. Remember, your monetary donation is tax deductible.